DOMINO CONSTRUCTION UPDATE:Week of August 25, 2014 and September 1, 2014

The Boiler House is undergoing Phase III mechanical demolition work. Excavators are located along the north side of the Boiler House to demolish the building’s upper floors. Excavators and skidsteers are sorting the demolition debris which was then removed to stockpiles located on site. Workers aided by a man-lift are flame-cutting steel from the roof on the western side of the Boiler House.

Building 16 is undergoing preparation for the removal of the Domino Sugar sign and demolition of the remaining portions of the building. The emergency hoist system was completed and successfully passed a drop test. Hand demolition of the Domino Sugar sign and the remaining portion of Building 16 will begin shortly.

Excavation and removal of the two (2) underground storage tanks located in the vegetated field was completed. The process of re-grading the area is ongoing.

The perimeter fence along Grand Street is undergoing extension towards the East River in preparation for the demolition of the Raw Sugar Warehouse.

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