DOMINO CONSTRUCTION UPDATE:Week of September 22, 2014 and September 29, 2014

The Boiler House is continuing to undergo Phase III mechanical demolition work. A long-reach excavator is working along the north side of the Boiler House to demolish the upper floors. Excavators and skidsteers are sorting the demolition debris stockpiled in the location of the former Building 16/Adant House. Preparations to move the long-reach excavator to the south side of the Boiler House are ongoing. Workers are in the process of creating a flat platform along the south side of the Boiler House.

The “Domino Sugar” sign removal is ongoing from the west side of Building 16. Hand demolition is ongoing inside the Building 16 tower where workers are flame-cutting metal.

Hand demolition is ongoing at the Raw Sugar Warehouse. Workers aided by a man-lift are removing wooden beams from the warehouse roof. Scaffolding was erected along the north side of the warehouse on Grand Avenue. A platform will be constructed in this area in preparation of hand demolition work to serve as a buffer between the Raw Sugar Warehouse and the East River.

A geotechnical survey is in progress on Site E.

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