DOMINO CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Week of July 24th, 2017 and July 31st, 2017

Construction of the Domino Park is ongoing, including earthwork, utility work, and concrete. Layout and construction of CMU planter walls and the western perimeter wall has begun. Electrical, Mechanical and plumbing work has begun. The elevated walk steel is complete and painting of the artifacts has begun. Erection of the gantry cranes is complete and work is progressing from the north end to the southern end of the site.

The public park located on Site C is open 6 days a week.

At Site E, All MEP trades are doing riser and horizontal work along with roughing and final installation. Installation of exterior cladding & interior framing and MEP work is ongoing. Exterior walls are mostly complete with the remaining being clad and waterproofed using the mast climber’s at the north side of the building. Mechanical rooms are being built out and apartment fit out has begun. Final inspections throughout the building are completed for the first TCO. Inspections for future TCOs are to be scheduled. The sidewalk on Kent Avenue is open to the public.

At Site A we have broken ground! Excavation, SOE and dewatering work has begun. Digging is continuing daily and production pile installation has begun.

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