DOMINO CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Weeks of November 26th and December 3rd, 2018

At Site A the ground floor through 20th floor commercial and 26th floor Residential slabs are complete. There will be water, sewer and finalizing of Con-Ed work on Kent avenue during the coming few weeks. MEP trades will continue their overhead and in deck work. Precast Facade erection has begun on a second shift and will end prior to 10pm every evening. The facade is wrapping the building from bottom up and currently the push is to complete the interior “O” façade before the precast planks are installed.

Construction of the Domino Park is complete. The park has opened and has entrances on Grand Street, South 3rd Street and South 5th Street.

The Refinery shoring work has begun. This will consist of steel structures on the exterior to brace the existing brick façade during demolition.

The public park located on Site C is open 6 days a week.

Site E construction is complete.

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