DOMINO CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Weeks of April 20th, 2020 and April 27th, 2020

At Site A all major façade work is complete. All remaining work, minor in its nature, has been halted due to Coronaviris. Lobbies on Grand St and South First St remain open. Sidewalks are installed on Kent Avenue, South First Street, and Grand Street. The River Street sidewalk work has also stalled due to Coronavirius.

Refinery shoring work is complete; this consists of exterior steel structures to brace the existing façade during demo. Shoring to remain in place through demolition and  through new construction. Demolition has reached the ground floor of the building and is ongoing.

The northwest portion of Site B is fenced off and open to the public for an exhibit with the Brooklyn Museum. The remaining, separate portion of the site is used for refinery construction staging.

Construction of Domino Park is complete. The entrances are on Grand St, South 5th St, and a new entrance on South 4th st. The South 3rd entrance has been closed for pedestrian safety during construction.

Site C is closed to the public.

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