DOMINO CONSTRUCTION UPDATE:Week of April 27th, 2015 and May 4th, 2015

Hand demolition of steel beams is ongoing to remove the standing skeleton of the boiler house building. The hand demolition in The Refinery building is continuing. At the north edge of the Site near South 1st Street, they have begun removing the perimeter fence along the East River and placing the straw bales approximately 10 feet from the East River. Three (3) test-piles are installed on the Site. Fencing around the temporary park being built on Site C (south of the Refinery) is completed. Pavement removal is going on at Site D, adjacent to the East River. Grading at Site C and D is completed.

Excavation and load-out of the top 5 feet of historic fill at Site E is ongoing. US Pile & Foundation has one excavator operating today. The gravel truck ramp is in good condition, as is the stormwater catch basin protection installed on Kent Ave at the corners of South 3rd St and South 4th St. Proper signage is posted on the perimeter fence on the corners of South 3rd and Kent Ave, and South 4th and Kent Ave.


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